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Reducing plastic waste for the competitiveness of Vietnamese tourist attractions

Travel Toothbrush ECO-B Travel Toothbrush ECO-B Travel Toothbrush ECO-B Travel Toothbrush ECO-B Travel Toothbrush ECO-B

The travel toothbrush is made from bamboo and wood, which paper packaging helps reduce 95% of plastic waste for the places you travel

Plastic toothbrush travel is destroying the environment

Plastic brushes contribute to plastic waste in tourism-related activities. Every year, millions of domestic and international visitors visit Vietnam. This is the same as the number of disposable plastic toothbrushes dumped into the environment. Only a small percentage of them are gathered and recycled. Most are buried in the soil or dumped into the ocean, causing harm on the environment.

It takes around 500 years for all of them to decompose. Even as it decomposes, the chemical content of the plastic stays intact, and the full plastic persists in the environment for centuries. Many of these plastics end up in the oceans, where birds and fish ingest them.

plastic waste

Tips for using a toothbrush when traveling

Tip 1:

Which toothbrush is suitable?

Travel brushes are mainly used once, so you should choose an eco-friendly brush instead of a plastic brush. Currently, there are many types of travel brushes on the market, such as wooden brushes, bamboo brushes, and bio-plastic brushes.

Tip 2:

How many toothbrushes do you need to bring?

The travel toothbrush is not as durable as a plastics one. But you can still use them many times on long trips.

Tip 3:

How to take care of the toothbrush?

Bamboo and wooden travel brushes are often very susceptible to mold in humid environments. After use, you need to dry them before you pack them into your backpack.

Tip 4:

What do I need to do after brush?

Bamboo, wood travel brushes still have a small amount of plastic from the bristles. After use, you should put them in the trash for the best disposal

Meaningful stories

Bàn chải du lịch ECO-B

"Traveling is my hobby. I usually travel 3-4 times a year with friends and relatives. For the items I bring with me, the first criterion is to be environmentally friendly. That's how I make my trips more meaningful.

Ms Yen- Traveler

“I am the owner of Homestay in Da Lat. In the past, I used plastic items such as toothbrushes and combs for my guest . Recently, when I heard about the harmful effects of single-use plastic on the radio, I changed to using environmentally friendly products. The price is a bit higher, but the customer and I are still happy

Ms Thuy-Owner Homestay Đa Lat.

"As a businessman, I often go on business trips abroad. Although I don't have much time to prepare, I always remember to bring the ECO-B travel brush.

Mr Duc- Business Man


Bamboo and wood are both biodegradable materials. Bamboo is the grass family, can grow quickly. It can be harvested after 3-5 years, so bamboo material is more sustainable than wood. Like the traditional Vietnamese chopsticks, bamboo and wood are always used in tandem. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The overall assessment will depend on the object and purpose of use

In the north of our country, the humid weather is always a difficult challenge for bamboo and wooden materials. This is the reason we use pine and coconut wood for our toothbrushes. These are two types of wood that are resistant to mold, suitable for areas with high humidity

ECO-B toothbrush with eco-friendly toothpaste is excellent, isn’t it? ECO-B Company is in the early stages of product development. We will soon bring to the market eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste combo. We currently have an aluminium box for toothpaste that is very convenient for you to get when you travel

Bàn chải du lịch

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